Q: Does Template come with free installation?
A: Yes. Or if you prefer to do it yourself, we can send template file to your email.

Q: What Scripts are your templates compatible with?
Any Aurora ptc script. e.i.: Sdr, Mrv, Esv, etc....

Q: I just bought a template and provided c-panel details, how long until template is installed?
A: Usually within 24 hrs , but can take up to 48 hrs.

Q: I see a template i like, but i want it in a different color?
A: Cost $10. Send a contact message for more details.

Q: I don't see anything i like. Do you design custom templates?
A: Yes. Template designs starting at $40. Send a contact message for more details.

Q: What is your Refund Policy?
A: We will try to work out any problems your having, if your still not satisfied we will refund your money within 7 days of purchasing the template.
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